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See an example of a completed request form.

To ensure accurate bookings, please fill out the form with as much details as possible.
If the number of the job days exceeds 5 days, please use the excel sheet, so you can add as many days as you require.

In the Special Requests section, you may add information like preferred TPI freelancers, desired dress code (i.e. dress blacks, corporate dress attire, etc.), if mandatory state issued IDs are required, what tools may be required and any other special instructions, etc.

Please note: When it comes to requesting preferred TPI freelancers, we will do our best to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee this request, as our freelancers may not be available on the job date you requested. That is why we encourage all our clients to book as far in advance as possible, so we may better accommodate your requests.


For the past 10 years, Total Productions has provided valuable and reliable crews for our events. Daniel understands our labor requirements and high expectations. Total Productions Inc is my first call for labor resource in New York City and its metropolitan area. Great crew, great service and great follow up!

S. Duverger

Welcome to TPI’s employee information pages, these pages are intended for internal use only, please DO NOT communicate the TPI employee password or any of the enclosed information to anyone outside of TPI.

This page will be utilized for information regarding upcoming jobs, so please check back frequently.

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